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May 7, 2015

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The scene is focused on the use of brand introduced two core autonomous movement watches, which Wallace Chung wearing the “free spirit” watch is for the brand by adhering to the spirit of the best examples of the United States, Hamilton is the epitome of a century long history ,

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“without liberty, life is a misery no freedom of life is sad,” a beautiful free spirit engraved in leather watch strap. Recall the 19th century, a spokesman for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, one of the founders of Mr. Hamilton Lancaster City shouted phrase saying the pursuit of freedom to the world, to commemorate him, Lancaster watchmaker named Hammill Dayton watch, from the beginning of the establishment, to lay the brand pursuit of free-style,

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innovative watchmaking concepts. Free style automatic mechanical watch simple dial with willow-shaped pointer with elongated teardrop-shaped scale, the nostalgic and the perfect fusion of contemporary craft, is a timeless masterpiece. Mr. Zhong Hanliang wearing free spirit style automatic timing using Hamilton H21 autonomous movement, chronograph function to be completed,

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also has a 60-hour power reserve, the movement to tough brushed polished and Hamilton H-type pattern as decoration. Automatic mechanical models coming in May 2014 listing of the new H10 Hamilton equipped with autonomous movement, has more than three days of power reserve, so watch at idle weekend.

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Live synchronization grand launch of the brand as well as a self-developed full-hollow jazz, all under the same hollow skeleton movement dial, such as hide and seek as revealed looming mechanical arts. Both watches equipped with the same movement, but the design is different, from different perspectives to explain female delicate and tough men, we are constantly wake the wearer to fine appearance and beautiful inner quest.

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